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El Médano

   Free-democratic education in nature



Attention: Right now the group is full, and we do not accept visits or temporary participation.

If you have a specific interest in future long-term participation and would like to be added to our waiting list, please fill out our contact form.

We hope you can understand that due to the high volume of requests, we can only respond to requests from families with a long-term perspective.

Thank you for your interest!


Not all classrooms have four walls!

Nature schools are becoming a successful global movement and they have arrived in Tenerife!

Education in nature, after its great accomplishments and progress in pioneering countries such as Germany, Scandinavian countries and Switzerland, due to outstanding results in recent decades, is expanding rapidly all across the world.

The essential importance of nature for the integral development of human beings, is more and more obvious in our increasingly urban and technological world.

Furthermore, education which focuses on the child´s own potential for self teaching, and intrinsic motivation as a central reference for learning is becoming established as the new pedagogical standard.

More and more experts, professionals and parents are declaring how meaningless an índustrial style education is, in schools which seem like colourful prisons, which frustrate children and suppress individuality and creativity, in order to obtain their obedience.

This is justified with abstract academic demands which do not even correspond to the real potential of our brains, or future work realities.

Furthermore, this style of teaching does not actually fulfill the supposed objective of a broad general education, because memorising content through forced studying is not effective or long lasting, as this information is not retained in the long term. (Check our video section!)


Therefore this style of education implies a huge misuse of economic and material resources, and even more importantly, immaterial resources, such as energy, emotions and time. Within this system, children are wasting their potential, and this is the most devastating effect of all.

These negative aspects and consquences are not a result of malpractice of supposedly successful theoretical concepts. They are fundamental problems of the very concept itself, in its pedagogical approach and its stucture.


This has been clearly exposed as harmful to children and as institutionalized abuse.


If we were to sit the education specialists: educators; psychologists; neuro-biologists; and so forth, around a table to design the schools of the future, starting from scratch, 95% of the result would be completely unrelated to the conventional schools of today.


The world of education is changing!

What will you choose for your children?

Let us introduce ourselves and our project

The ´Playa Escuela´, here in el Médano, Tenerife is an activity group for children, in the wild, beautiful nature, based on free play and choices and ideas from the children themselves.

Our pedagogical approach is called "free-democratic education in nature".

We are families and pedagogy professionals working together within the framework of a non-profit educational association which was founded in August 2016.


Our main schedule of activity accompanied by the pedagogical team is from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., with an option for additional hours . (Section: Horarios y precios)

Generally we carry out our activity in a group of mixed ages and we have no age limit, although parents with children over 6 years old should be aware that we are not recognized by the state authorities as an official school.


The pedagogical team do not work with classes, curriculums or pre-programmed activities.

Our main methodology is free play and the self organisation of the group, through democratic assemblies.

We work and plan together with the children using their own suggestions and ideas.

Our objective is the development of people and citizens who are empowered for a future that demands inner strength and creativity, and who know how to connect in a sensitive and responsible way with their environment.

Our priority is the enjoyment and happiness that comes from children playing with friends and having adventures in such a wonderful environment in the nature.

The emotional well-being of each individual in our group, which has a respectful and friendly dynamic, in this vast and abundant nature, is the area of growth and learning that we seek for the healthy development of the personalities of our children.

This refers to the basic personal, emotional and social skills such as autonomy, initiative, responsibility, creativity, logic, self-esteem, self-management of emotional balance, reflection, coherence, empathy, respect , kindness, communication, teamwork, conflict and problem resolution, resilience, the ability to enjoy oneself and be happy both individually and in a group setting, to name just a few.


This development of a healthy personality is the foundation for children to develop their immense potentials, enabling them to take more and more responsibility for their self-organization and self-formation processes.


Many different things happen every day at the Playa Escuela, we learn and evolve a lot, and if the children choose to explore a topic in depth, our team help facilitate and support their research and projects.


We believe in the internal dynamic of learning, and in the curiosity which is nourished by the pleasure and excitement of discovering the world for oneself, without anticipating and predicting the individual rate of intellectual development, or imposing topics and themes on children and young people with diverse interests and abilities.


Our experience is, that after four hours of adventures in this open space, the children from our group arrive home balanced and satisfied, and able to focus and enjoy calmer activities in the afternoon, such as reading, art, music and further cultural interests.



To be able to work together for the well being of the child, it is essential that the family network and the pedagogical team understand and share our pedagogical approach. Due to this, we request that parents interested in our project study the information available on our website, and we also reccommend that they do further research and refer to other sources of information (Check our video section!).


We also regularly hold talks, presentations and meetings which are open to the public, to provide further information.


To maintain the intimacy and dynamic of our group, we do not accept spontaneous visits to see our project, if you are interested in coming to see us, please contact us in advance.


We work with a process of adaptation for children in order to facilitate a smooth and comfortable transition into the new environment for them.

Places are limited.

It is possible to incorporate into the group at any time during the year.

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